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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wolf Mother -- by Mimitig

I ran, fearful, fleeing the demons
Turned, fighting
Fought, tooth, claw and nail.
Won and lost.
Killed the spirit evil,
Lost my cub.
Searching, searching, searching
I ran, fearful, but not fleeing.
Hunting for my blood, my kin, my kind.
Paws bleeding on the snow
Paws wounded, like my heart
But searching.
My lost cub, cold and fading.
Fading and failing, needing warmth.
I found redemption
Found my cub
I had warmth to give
Enough for my poor cub
My cub, my warmth to save her
Curling, nesting, nursing
Resting through the snow and ice of winter
Spring burst upon us
Little cub bounding in the meadow
Reminds me of the joy
Life is full of song
My life returns for I
I who have lost so much
Have found a reason
To live and love.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Woolly Thoughts

First I thought of asking you to write poems about Wool... but it seemed too limited a subject.... so let's include Sheep...  Ballads, sonnets, limericks, please yourselves, but there must be wool or sheep in there somewhere.

Herdwick Sheep: photo by Tony Richards

Irish sheep dyed in colours of local football team: photo by John Smyth

Woman in Sikkim: photo by Sukanto Debnath

Illustration from knitting blog

American World War I poster

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just a couple more, oh, all right, three then...

As the UK is currently covered with snow and gloom, some old-fashioned cheer .....