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Saturday, 22 May 2010

About the Caracal -- by Zephirine

photo by Aaron Logan

The ear-tufts of the Caracal
may help it hear a mouse
communicate with friends
or hide better in tall grass

The Caracal will eat most things
though mammals are preferred
it can dine on a monkey
or perhaps snack on a bird

In London Zoo I met a Caracal
which would rather shyly join
its keeper in a game of football
but only if it was in the mood.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sometimes -- by Mimitig

photo from

Sometimes at night I feel my heartbeat
Like a butterfly
Wings beating fast inside

Sometimes at night I wake drowning
Mermaid tail thrashing
Going nowhere

Sometimes at night I wake crying
Tears drench my pillow

Sometimes at night I dream of singing
Songs from past and present
Writhe round my mind and wake me
In the morning
Only shadows of the tunes

Sometimes at night people fill my mind
Dead and alive, they crowd me
Needing – something

Sometimes I wake
Heart beating like a butterfly

Sometimes the morning sun
Rises in a sky painted glorious
Pink and red

Then I know


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Goldilocks the Floating Voter -- by Zephirine

"I hope she is dreaming of a progressive future.  Do you think my smile will frighten her when she wakes up?" said Gordon Bear.

"Eew, she looks quite common," said Dave Bear, "she will have to be looked after by volunteers."

"She should vote for me," said little Nick Bear, "because she is cute and so am I."

But Goldilocks slept on....

Illustration by Margaret Evans Price, 1927