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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Autumn and Spring -- by Mimitig

from anime 'Windy Tales' (風人物語): 'Cherry Blossom Time' (櫻のころ)

Such a dichotomy of emotion
Is April the cruellest month or is
Autumn the Keatsian rich season?
For me both are full of riches
And the ultimate sorrow
Both are death

Teenage death with cherry blossom
Sudden death – like blossoms falling from the trees
Autumnal sorrow as slow death approaches
Life failing, breath shuddering as leaves fall
As the night closes in so slow death arrives

Funerals so different too
Springtime with soft rain
Gentle tears to say goodbye
Autumn with sudden gusts of
Gale and storm
Tantrums to rail against the loss

In springtime, for youth, a tree was planted
In autumn, mourners fought umbrellas

In the end all is equal
On the first day a teenager
Cried for her first love
Later a young woman cried for her father
Spring or autumn, both seasons bring sorrow
And both bring joy



mimi said...

I do like a shine and this is my song for 2011
I like it best with the kids from RGS Worcester and Graeme Swann, but even without them, it makes me smile a lot and chases away some of the blues.

Zephirine said...

Maybe it wasn't the right time of year to post this poem, Mimi! Still, now we've (probably) past the (possibly) most depressing day of the year, we may all feel a bit more cheery...

mimi said...

Oh of course - we have the world cup to look forward to!

file said...

what can I say? What can be said? "Sometimes it snows in April"...

Apple: a blossom
blossom a-fall too, too soon,
it happens too soon

love de pic, an interesting link too Zef

guitou said...

Is Autumn the season of sentimental reason Mimi? Misty should be the appropriate link if he doesn't here it is:

( I don't know why I can't get an insert for link with my MAC, on this blog) may be Zeph has the answer

Zephirine said...

guitou, these blogs never automatically do links, you always have to format them using that a href formula, it's very tedious. Also I can't edit your post otherwise I could do it for you. Never mind, there are worse problems in life:)

guitou said...

Right, there are worst problems in life (than a blue link) like back taxes or back alimony.

Anonymous said...

I will always be lucky in my life...