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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Being happy -- by Mimitig

Days to remember
Days to forget
These last few years have held
More days of sadness than of joy.
Sometimes I find it hard to smile
To laugh
To be the person I am paid to be
The cheery one.
Sometimes I want to curl and cry
Lock the doors, shut out the world.
Then one thing happens – someone makes me laugh
Makes me chuckle, snigger, choke with tears
Of laughter.
It happens when I expect it least.
When all I learn is of sadness,
Sometimes it’s people that I meet
Sometimes it’s emails from people that I greet
Sometimes it’s people that I meet and greet
Sometimes it’s people who make me greet.
That’s Scottish – look it up.
Life is never fair and not often funny
Life tends towards the struggle.
Sometimes though, life just is a joy.
Seize that, love that, laugh at that.
Don’t dwell on why the Angelus went bad.
Dwell on why there is an Angelus.
All of life is a reference
Most people don’t know our own personal references
You, my reader, don’t know who I mean
By the Angelus
But it is real, in my frame
Of reality.


offsideintahiti said...

Yay! Looks like we're back in business...

file said...

Yikes! Like a lark we're all busy with bugs...

9-2-Pack said...

thanks for using google à la coque, please don't forget: never put all the eggs in the same basket.

ed demain said...

Neuf de Pack,never in the same basket except if you're one-armed man

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zephy for putting this up. Glad we're all still keeping an egg on the blog.

mimi said...

Sorry that was me,