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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

for the Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking lost and survivors -- by Doc Shoot

of stone and dust we are born

of water and air

and each to our mother breast

and then a single breath

drawn in and out how many times

each one a gift

until again the earth draws near

and claims us altogether made finite.

seen briefly as seaspray,

as the shadow of a dream we should have made,

we are finally etched into stone then dust we are

water and air

and the breath of children reborn


Zephirine said...

Beautiful, Doc.

offsideintahiti said...

Thanks, Doc, for the ray of light at the end.

HenryLloydMoon said...

While most are struggling for perspective, you nailed it, Doc.

munni said...

Thanks Doc, to echo HLM, you nailed it. In the past few months I've lost a couple of people close to me, and this took my breath away.

(Also, thanks Zeph, for keeping this blog alive, I hope it wakes back up as and when you're able.)

guitou said...

nice words for the gloomy days Doc, nice way of putting things in perspective too. Thanks

file said...

A deeply resonant poem; a sigh of eternal resonance. Many thanks, Doc, for opening the door here.

mimi said...

Echo the other voices here, Doc. Beautiful, deceptively simple and resonant

mimi said...

I've just had news of an old friend - that is old in that I knew him for many years, not old as in like 80+ years old. Martin was just a few years older than me and he died last week. I've just read this thinking of him and his family.

Thank you Doc for this.

mimi said...

There is a song that we played so much when Tim died. We played it at the funeral for this boy who died so young. This is now over 30 years ago, but we still listen and play it for the love of a boy who died too young.

It just does still tear your heart out.