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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Time for Some Christmas Music Again

and a Merry Christmas to all OtherStuffers and Lurkers worldwide!


file said...

...following in the fine OS-mas musical footsteps of the Pogues and Kirsty and Elvis the Elephant...

"Let the superfluous and lust-dieted man,
That slaves your ordinance, that will not see
Because he does not feel
, feel your pow'r quickly,
So distribution should undo excess,
And each man have enough."

Here, we're "enjoying" squequels upon squeaquels of Alvin and friends. It's hard to express my joy at finding dem dang rodents at OS too. Still, Mewwy Cwistmas one 'n all!

HenryMoon said...

Merry Christmas, Zeph! And thanks for all the fish, guys.

Sublime Ray...!

guitou said...

following musical footsteps connected to this event:
(To the tune of Jingle Bells)
Turkey roast, Christmas pud
Chocolate and dates
Carrots, stuffing, spuds and peas
All piled up on the plates
Try some cake, fruit and nuts
Have a drink of beer
Eat another mince pie
Or we'll stuff it in your ear

(To the tune of "Good King Wenceslas)
Christmas morning down the pub
Getting drunk and perky
While the missus stays at home
Trying to cook the turkey
Got thrown out at closing time
Head in need of aspirin
Got home for my Christmas lunch
Found it in the dustbin

Merry Christmas Zeph, Santa, and all

mimi said...

There is only one real Christmas song

Have jolly times, one and all and to everyone else who is snowed in and a bit fed up with 2010 - there's a new one round the corner and the signs are good!

Love to all Other Stuffers.
c and m

DoctorShoot said...

love to you all
from us antipodeans in tropics...
sitting inside a fierce monsoon and wondering how the old fat dude got through the crashing weather we are having...
wet wet wet
hot hot hot
wild wild wild
ho ho ho

oh stormy night
when all the sky was falling
it was the night of our dear saviours birth
oh night divine
when lightning came a calling and scared the cat so shitless that she wouldn't leave me alone...
wet night

and sorry for being corny but my kids made me promise to send this clip to my ~computer friends~

Zephirine said...

Think I prefer your version of the lyrics, Doc, (and Guitou's fine lyrics too) but that is an amazing performance.

Mimi, you're right, but I used that song before - I think - most of my previous Xmas tunes seem to have been taken off YouTube and have therefore vanished from the blog; fleeting stuff, this blogging.

If the ice doesn't melt around here soon, it'll be the Skaters' Waltz for New Year.

mimi said...

I have had the icicles falling from the gutters and then freezing again right on my doorstep.
I keep trying to remember the thing about the ones that come down from the ceiling and the ones that come up from the floor. What's that thing about steligtites and steligmites?

offside said...

I may offer wishes, but only if the Doc promises never to do it again. (Christmas spirit, eh?)

DoctorShoot said...

sorry offie
kids haven't reached cool age yet so...

they still think that humans can have angels voices...

bah humbug I say...
I think


Anonymous said...

Hello Doc,
Are you and the kids sleeping with your life-saving jacket on?
We hope your home is far from the rising floodwaters.

guitou said...

Sorry for choosing the wrong identity( Anonymous)

DoctorShoot said...

gitou anon
we are safe thank you, and merely enjoying the normal arafura monsoonal trough rains, but Darwin drains into the sea without much trouble.

in northern western australia and in queensland however they have giant rivers that carry vast amounts of water and when they get backed up by the big tides they spread out their load... and just now poor queensland is something of a marshland...

we are wet wet wet across the top although 3000kms south poor adelaide is dry and had 37 degrees today...

file said...

saw a beautiful documentary on the pearl fishermen of Darwin the other day, pearls only grow the very cleanest of environments...