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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Some Chap-Hop for the Week Before... Anytime -- by Professor Elemental

This remarkable chap-hop ditty, a challenge from the Professor to the upstart Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, has become the unofficial anthem of the Guardian cricket bloggers (a very amiable and non-fighting posse). A plot is afoot to make it no.1 for Christmas. Enjoy.


guitou said...

Looking delicious indeed

DoctorShoot said...

taking the pith seriously
taking rap as well
I rather like the twist
and the set of the trousers...

must send this to ricky

offside said...

Whot?!!? Where does he want to stick his ukulele?

Zephirine said...

Ricky needs all the help he can get, Doc, hehe. *

Offie: where indeed!

Zephirine said...

* (cricket reference)

file said...

should've got into cricket
obviously, far more civilized

Zephirine said...

Not always :)

mimi said...

I think I've been invited to Professor's party by someone else!

file said...

so I see Zeph, the article doesn't say what it was over though... the best place to stick a ukulele perhaps?

I used to think Ian B. was the bees knees but he looks like nothing so much as a rabid beaver in that pic. Picture editing is an art.

Mimi, when a chap invites you to a party in his trousers doesn't Debrett's suggest you consider bringing a chap-erone along?

mimi said...

Well then, File, surely Zephy will be my chapeau -er-on?

Chapped Ron said...

Chapeau Mimi,
it's the freezing cold causing my lips to crack this way
and nothing else

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